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The two are now engaged to be married in May."I think that it's not so strict with dating outside of your race anymore," said Landry, who has French, Irish and black roots."You fall in love with who they are, and that's OK nowadays."According to a recent Pew Research Center study, Virginia ranks highest in the country for the rate - 3.3 percent - of black-and-white marriages between 2008 to 2010.The stress this 'contract' causes Black women is immeasurable and so they seek to displace it onto the men who continue to occupy their hearts... Thus, we must interpret all of their IRR work as sub-conscious distress signals or SOSs'.Thing is, only a Black man could possibly read the signal correctly. They wondered, 'Is it going to work, are you sure you want to have a serious relationship with someone outside of your race? He developed a preference for white women, he said. From junior high to college, he was often told by girls he wanted to date that they weren't allowed because he was black."I had to sneak my girlfriend out of her house for the prom," Henry said.He sent a white male friend to the door to pick her up.

Virginia Rutter, a senior fellow at the Council on Contemporary Families at the University of Miami, says higher rates of interracial marriage often coincide with certain factors.As much as we can go on and on analyzing the mentality of these IR promoting women, it is really simple to peg them and Menelik pegs them perfectly with this post that I simply could not let remain only in the comments section of an old post. Rocky,the IRR sisters do not perceive white men as being intrinsically superior to Black men..from it in fact!Instead they see (and write about) Black men "rejecting" them for white, light, and Latino women and this wounds them deeply as it is not only romantic and sexual rejection in their eyes but especially racial rejection! There are far more important matters to discuss, like why I don’t have a ticket to the On The Run World Tour concert (totally kidding but seriously though, why don’t I have a ticket? According to Gallup’s Annual Minority Rights and Relations poll, 48% of Americans overall reported dating outside of their races, including 52% of blacks, 45% of whites, and 69% of Hispanics. Should we be accepting of those who choose to date outside their race? We must cease the online and/or in-person arguments about a phenomenon that has been apart of our society for hundreds of years.

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