Dating a recovering alcoholic advice

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She believes the key to changing the reality of addiction is to shift your focus from your loved one’s addiction to your own self-care.

Your boyfriend drinks too much not because he’s voluntarily choosing it, but rather because he has no power.

“My boyfriend has had problems with drinking too much for over five years,” writes Mary on on How to Help an Alcoholic Brother or Sister. Living with an alcoholic isn’t as hard as I thought it would be because he doesn’t abuse me. Your boyfriend drinks too much because he has an addiction – a disease – that he can’t control.

“Things reached the worst they ever have around two years ago, when he was regularly brought home by the police, found sleeping under bridges and gone missing for days. It is overpowering his reason and ability to think clearly.

The more you read and learn about alcoholism, the better able you’ll be to help the man you love and maybe even save your relationship.

Throughout this article, I’ll share different types of resources for understanding what addiction is, living with an alcoholic, and learning where healthy boundaries are.

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