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in England to Lawrence Fletcher and an obscure and unknown mother.At some point in their lives, Lawrence's relationship with Ferb's biological mother ended abruptly and Lawrence was left alone as a single parent caring for his young son.Phineas and Ferb decide to build a rollercoaster that extends from their backyard to all over town.Not only did they create a rollercoaster, but they created a beach in their backyard as well, where Ferb sang his first known song, Backyard Beach.They successfully built it, helping Baljeet get an A for his science grade.Ferb also received a camera and a chemistry set from Bastille Day.Phineas and Ferb returned home and accompanied Isabella to the Night of the Falling Stars dance ("Out to Launch").

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Ferb helped Phineas remodel Mount Rushmore for Candace's birthday, carving Candace's face into the sculpture.

Meap ran off with Candace to her Bango-Ru convention.

While Phineas was busy trying to find Meap with his Cute-O-Meter, Ferb was repairing Meap's spaceship ("The Chronicles of Meap").

("Vanessassary Roughness") It was confirmed on August 16th by show creator Dan Povemire that Ferb's full name is Ferbs, as said in the episode "Act Your Age" by Vanessa.

Ferb very rarely speaks, but is not actually shallow as others would assume.

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