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The choice to repay the kindness of the other person they owe.

Although I expect more from the drama, I can satisfied with all of the story line and the ending.

One night, Jae-Chan dreams that Yoo-Beom drives Hong-Joo's car and this leads to a chain of events including the death of Hong-Joo's mother and then Hong-Joo.

When Jae-Chan senses that his dream is about to become real, he takes extreme action to stop it.

Yoo-Beom becomes furious at Jae-Chan, but Hong-Joo hugs him and thanks him.

Jae-Chan and Hong-Joo later work together to solve other cases.

I think it’s just amusing to fanservice our favorite star together when it’s clear they have such sizzling chemistry.

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On Kiss Asian, most times the comment section is literally filled with people ranting about Lee Yu Beom, haha. If anything, this show has turned me into a somewhat investigator, and I learned several things about the law. No, but jokes aside, this is a fairly good introduction to the whole idea of Law. The choice that we made may affect what we are today.What's worse is that she does not know when the deaths will happen, but she tries to stop her dreams from becoming reality.One night, Hong-Joo dreams about the death of her own mother.many of us dont care about fame but to see real talent captured on screen. But i like how the story moved along the time, i liked how the case was solved. It’s not like I don’t like her, but compared to her last drama, her acting here is a huge step up. But honestly speaking, it was Hae In that convinced me to continue watching this drama. Anyway, about the plot, it was engaging but it has some questionable sequence. Love that more K-dramas are using English songs which make them more relatable for English speaking people. The song has unusually good English diction which made me curios only to learn that it's Henry who sang it. I hope he gets more chances to sing for OSTs in K-dramas. Jung Hae In is definitely a rising star from this drama.Great Congrats to WYWS team for having 5 awards at SBS Drama Awards night. And for those who keeps complaining about the results of why he/she/they win that award, well just make your own awarding ceremony people!!! I mean, why are most KDrama procedurals ending up concentrating on the "drama" only. Lee Jong Suk isn't suitable for being a prosecutor, and Suzy was like "reporters who always leave job early". I love Seung Won, Chief Choi, Hong Joo's mother and all the co-star.

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