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Of course, plenty of caveats apply: it's possible that these are super ham-fisted honeypots for copyright trolling, in which they're recording the IP addresses of downloaders. It's possible that the IP address information is wrong. it's also possible that some employees at these studios are (whether on purpose or not) using Bit Torrent and sharing films -- sometimes films from other studios.For example, they found a Paramount Pictures IP address sharing Happy Feet, which is a Warner Bros. In the end, there could be any number of reasons they were able to find these results, but given that when the shoe is on the other foot, the studios and other copyright holders seem to insist that a single IP address is proof positive of liability, doesn't it seem reasonable to question the studios about this bit of evidence as well?That average reflected both "specials" that might cost as much as and films made quickly for around ,000.

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As the average running time of top-of-the-line films increased, so did that of B pictures.

Because of the importance of Hollywood in the movie industry of the United States, the whole industry is often called "Hollywood", even though not all movies are made in Hollywood.

This use of the word "Hollywood" is called metonymy.

The term B actor is sometimes used to refer to a performer who finds work primarily or exclusively in B pictures.

In 1927–28, at the end of the silent era, the production cost of an average feature from a major Hollywood studio ranged from 0,000 at Fox to 5,000 at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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