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I hope the pro-separatist source you quote is correct.However, even your source confirm that Ghenadie Ţăran and other activists of NGO "Dignitas" were arrested by transnistrian authorities and that, as I wrote in my addition, persons and organisations that are against separation from Moldova "are harassed by Transnistrian authorities and not allowed to campaign for their point of view in the referendum".

I posted a citation request in main namespace last week but no further sources have been posted to prove the statement's accuracy.

Fact: They were not and are not active in any way in the current election campaign.

Therefore, to tie one thing to the other, and make it an example of a "political arrest", would be wrong, and we must not include it.

Correct comparation is between 679000 people in 1989 vs.

555000 people in 2004 - those are data for the actual Tiraspol-controlled area (include Tighina and other few villages from Basarabia, exclude some villages from Dubăsari district which are not controlled by Tiraspol), and a good measure of the practical results of the separatist government.--Marius M , 6 September 2006 (UTC) I moved the section about referendum from "Politicall status" to "Internal Politics" and added info about the latest arrests of political oponents of Tiraspol regime.--Marius M , 7 September 2006 (UTC) The move to "Internal Politics" is OK, but I had to remove your addition.

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