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I don't know what the dirt is like in your neck of the woods, but in my garden there's mostly beautiful red clay... I wouldn't even let myself in the house with those muddy clothes on!

When potatoes are ready, they're ready and we dug them all in one day... We don't have a cool, dark cellar or any other cool, dark place to store them and we certainly didn't want them to rot... just heat and eat, add butter, mash, drain and fry, drain and mix up a potato salad... My brother began canning potatoes a few years ago and although he shares a lot of his canned goods with the rest of the family, he won't share his canned potatoes... The hardest part of canning that many potatoes is cleaning them (my plan was to can them with the skins on)... to get rid of most of the dirt before I even brought them inside the house... I got a fair amount of the wet, clingy dirt on me and it was NOT a pretty picture!

plus home-canned potatoes are delicious and will be so convenient to have on hand... I started out with the spuds in baskets and spraying them with the water hose, then I filled the wheelbarrow with them and sprayed them some more...

Straight into the laundry with those filthy pants... I dumped the taters into the sink and scrubbed them with a brush... filling the sink several times and rinsing and rinsing yet again... Once they were all scrubbed and clean, I began preparing them... I cut them into a pot filled with cool water so they wouldn't turn brown.

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